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Let Me Tell You About One of My Favorite Movies (Sleepaway Camp)

Sleepaway camp is the 1983 movie equivalent of turning on the stove top only to touch it and be surprised that it's hot. The movie is so bad that it's actually surprising when it becomes good, which is in the last minute of the movie. This may be unfair to say, but my wife and I actually laugh throughout the entire movie, which is why the ending caught us off guard and left me actually frightened, something which hasn't happened since I was a kid and my Dad pretended to cut off his finger on April fools day. Spoiler Alert! The movie opens in 1975 when parent John Baker and his partner Lenny take Johns kid's Angela and Peter on a boating trip near Camp Arawak. The kids decide to do what every kid does and prank their father by capsizing their boat. On their swim back to shore a camp counselor named Mary Anna hits John and Peter with her speed boat. Angela lives with her Aunt and cousin Ricky now and they are both sent to Camp Arawak. Angela is introverted and shy w