Let Me Tell You About One of My Favorite Movies (Sleepaway Camp)

Sleepaway camp is the 1983 movie equivalent of turning on the stove top only to touch it and be surprised that it's hot. The movie is so bad that it's actually surprising when it becomes good, which is in the last minute of the movie. This may be unfair to say, but my wife and I actually laugh throughout the entire movie, which is why the ending caught us off guard and left me actually frightened, something which hasn't happened since I was a kid and my Dad pretended to cut off his finger on April fools day.

Spoiler Alert!

The movie opens in 1975 when parent John Baker and his partner Lenny take Johns kid's Angela and Peter on a boating trip near Camp Arawak. The kids decide to do what every kid does and prank their father by capsizing their boat. On their swim back to shore a camp counselor named Mary Anna hits John and Peter with her speed boat.

Angela lives with her Aunt and cousin Ricky now and they are both sent to Camp Arawak. Angela is introverted and shy which leads to her being bullied by bunkmate Judy and a counselor named Meg. Fortunately for Angela, her other counselor Susie and head counselor Ronnie try to help her.

The movie gets kind of heavy when greasy pervert Artie, the camp cook, tries molesting Angela. He get's caught and Angela and her cousin escape. Later Artie gets pushed and boiled, which is labeled an accident by the Camp's owner. Later two little shits named Kenny and Mike mock Angela which prompts a fight between her cousin and his friend Paul. Paul befriends Angela and Kenny drowns, which is once again ruled accidental. The police seem to doubt that these accidents keep happening.  Later Billy is locked in a bathroom and vigilante justice rained down on him by bees who sting him to death.  The owner begins to expect a killer in the camp, which is strange because the accidents themselves seem pretty natural.

Angela and Paul kiss and Angela has flashbacks to walking in on her dad in bed with another man, causing her to run away from Paul. Judy decides to seduce Paul which ends in Angela seeing them kissing. He tries explaining but ends up leaving and the mean girls throw Angela into the water. Ricky rescues Angela and vows revenge on her haters.

Meg is stabbed to death in the shower. Paul apologizes to Angela and she tells him to meet her at the waterfront. Mel finds Megs body, and believes that Ricky is the killer. Some of the kids who threw sand at Angela are found hacked to death in their camp site. Judy is then murdered in her cabin by having hot curling iron forced into her vagina and smothered. Everyone loses their marbles and Mel finds Ricky and starts to beat him to death, but he's saved when an arrow is show into Mel's throat.

The camp counselors, led by Frank, search for the missing campers. Paul suggests to Angela that they go skinny dipping. Frank finds Ricky alive. Ronnie and Susie find Angela sitting on the beach humming with Paul who appears to be resting his head on her lap. Angela jumps to her feet holding a hunting knife, and drops Paul's severed head.

Angela is not only a killer, but she's also not Angela. She is Peter, whose Aunt Martha raised him as the girl she always wanted after the death of his father and sister.

As Peter stand there in horrifying form, the last line is uttered by Ronnie, "How can it be? My God, she's a boy!"

Kevin Brownfield

The movie is laughable up until this point when we see this creepy naked pre-CGI monster.

The ending brought the movie from a 4/10 to a 8.5/10. I love this movie.


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