Learning New Skills, Website Update, and Goals 9/29/2021

I've been on what can possibly be described as a manic episode, only instead of looking like a person with mental health issues, I have been learning SEO. I am far from actually understanding it, but I suppose that I've been doing pretty well for myself. Last week this website ranked C+ according to SEOptimer, and today it sits at A-. 

But what I can do better isn't really something I can actually do, unfortunately. The suggestions given to me are to link my website with Twitter, Facebook, etc. I don't have accounts on these platforms really, at least Twitter. Hopefully adding Facebook will be enough. 

In the mean time, I've signed up for Google Analytics and I'm in the process of Google Adsense. 

So what is my goal with this website? I want to use it as a sort of portfolio to let people know who I am exactly. I want anyone reading to know my life goals, my current short term goals, and generally share what I am thinking. If I can make money off this website, I'll be happy, but it's not a goal. I've run similar pages on Facebook and Instagram as hobbies and made no money off of them, that is basically how I'll run this, though, unlike those I won't actively avoid making money with them. 

I can be a sellout sometimes. 

I have come up with some ideas for Python apps I would love to make, though, I'm not at the skill level to make them just yet. I'll keep you guys updated as time goes on.


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