My First Reddit Bot

 I have been learning Python since July. This has been a self-learning venture and to this point has been the longest I've gone learning a new skill outside of school. The fact that I have been able to do this gives me hope that I can actually learn anything I want. What I decided to do with my amateur knowledge is to create a bot for Reddit. This bot searches a specific subreddit for certain keywords and responds to that keyword with a message. The bot ran for a few days before I shut it down, it had accomplished its goals and served no purpose other than to show that I can do it. 

I will admit, most if not all of the code was not actually written by me. I utilized GitHub and Reddit to answer questions and smooth out problems. However, I was able to read the code and understand what was being done, I also had to convert much of the code from Python 2 to 3. 

The conversion of Python 2 code to Python 3 was easy, and automatic. The process, though, is one apparently little known by people. The process is called 2to3 and you can find it here on the Python website:

Reddit bots take minimal Python ability, not to downplay my own accomplishment, but this is only the first step in becoming a fluent dev.

Here is the code that I used, keep in mind that in order to use it you'll need to convert it with 2to3:

Below is my edited code:

import praw
import time
import os
import names

def bot_login():
	r = praw.Reddit(username = "**************",
				password = "*********",
				client_id = "***************",
				client_secret = "*****************",
				user_agent = "Bot v1.0")
	return r

def run_bot(r, comments_replied_to):

	for comment in r.subreddit('#subredditname').comments(limit=15):
		if "#keyword" in comment.body and not in comments_replied_to and !=
			print("String with \"sample user comment\" found in comment " +
			comment.reply("############"+ names.get_first_name()+"."+"#########)
			print("Replied to comment " +

			with open ("comments_replied_to.txt", "a") as f:
				f.write( + "\n")
	print (comments_replied_to)

def get_saved_comments():
	if not os.path.isfile("comments_replied_to.txt"):
		comments_replied_to = []
		with open("comments_replied_to.txt", "r") as f:
			comments_replied_to =
			comments_replied_to = comments_replied_to.split("\n")
			comments_replied_to = [_f for _f in comments_replied_to if _f]

	return comments_replied_to

r = bot_login()
comments_replied_to = get_saved_comments()
print (comments_replied_to)

while True:
	run_bot(r, comments_replied_to)


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